Punam Dahal

Campus Chief's Message

Changing trends of disease patterns influences the health care needs of the society. Among the health care professionals, meeting these needs of society, nurses are ranked as front liner.

Preparing young enthusiastic aspirants young adults to qualified nursing professional is a dedicated task of nurse educators . As patient needs and advancement in health care technology have become more complex, nurses need to attain requisite competencies to deliver high - quality care. Nursing education demand, in-depth knowledge in health care science as well as scientific development of skills.

To fulfill those challenges, Norvic College of Health Sciences and Technologies (NCHST) as a sister organization of Norvic International Hospital, is always dedicated. Our college is one of the best and an ISO 9001:2015 certified nursing institution at Kathmandu in terms of faculty, infrastructure and clinical learning facilities and is committed to produce excellent nursing manpower.

Producing qualified and competent nursing manpower is our motto. College has an excellent, efficient and highly motivated faculties who plan meticulously all the curricular and co- curricular activities for the students. We have a multi-specialties, Norvic International Hospital which provides clinical area for their skill development. Our management is our greatest support and blessing for continuous growth. I am confident our philosophy and future vision will carry us to the success, contributing best to the Nursing education, administration and in health care practice as well.

Associate Professor Punam Dahal,

Campus Chief