K.N Sharma

CEO's Message

We are a single garland of a bunch of hundred flowers. We have greater responsibilities on our shoulders to support national and international market for production and supply of quality nursing manpower.

Becoming a nurse is much more than getting a nursing degree. It is a way of life. A nurse helps the individual who is sick, wounded or healthy to prevent diseases, heal injuries, and to recover as fast and as completely as possible.

Nurses educated the sick, wounded and the entire community on how to recover and remain healthy, how to prevent diseases and how to promote health. A nurse with adequate knowledge and new skills involved in assessment of clients and community, diagnose, and deliver nursing services to priority individuals and groups in holistic manner. You have a greater role to provide facts and information at a time to needy people, relieving pain and suffering of clients. You earn their immense gratitude and goodwill.

You visit different places, specialized hospitals, community and different departments/ units, health care facilities, and institutes of various universities, which are the part of your life where you become always busy in your practice and gain wonderful experience that strengthens you and your capacity. you may also aim to become a researcher and scientist or an innovator within the scope of develop yourself in the world and become self sustainable for financial security too.

K.N Sharma,